Advertising & Marketing Strategy

Aces allows you to set goals so your business can Establish Identity, Branding, and promote your business both locally and nationally.

ACES offers to its clients Advertising and Marketing Strategy which includes Market Research, Developing an Integrated Marketing Plan to Execute the Plan and Assessing the Results. ACES is a Creative Advertising & Marketing company. We can provide all your translation services. We also translate web sites / marketing material to Multi-Languages.

List of Advertising and Design Services

  • Web Site Databases
  • Web Site Design (multimedia and Flash)
  • Identity and Branding
  • Logo and Letterhead Design
  • Web Site Advertising and Hit Ranking
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • CD Rom Design
  • Print Design (Mac and PC)
  • Promotional Publishing & Services
  • Photography Digital, Large Format, 35mm
  • Audio Music and Dubbing
  • Television and Video Production
  • Radio

Over 10 Years Design Experience

ACES Of Jacksonville has professional Macintosh design software and printing capabilities to handle any need from full color catalogues to 2 sided flyers to "New customer brochure folders": containing a contact business card, full color flyer, informational pamphlets, necessary opening paperwork all contained within a printed gloss stock folder.

See Our Translation and Design Services Examples

Case Study: Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce.

ACES did the Spanish Translation for Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce web site for SUPERBOWL 39 which was held in Jacksonville, Florida in 2004. This was Jacksonville, Florida Community Profile: Location

Jacksonville is in the center of the Western Hemisphere. Forty-five million people are within an eight-hour drive from the city. Jacksonville is the largest city in landmass in the United States.

This translation included:

  • city transportation
  • population
  • labor market
  • racial/ethnic demographics
  • climate
  • largest manufactures
  • large non-government employers
  • taxes
  • cost-of-living
  • median housing price
  • education
  • medical
  • recreation and culture
  • spectator sports
  • utilities

Link to Current Version - Spanish translation for expand in ax ACES can provide quotes on Spanish Translation services for developing flyers, brochures, catalogs, web site, etc... We are very competitive. We can also translate in other languages. ACES provides FREE 1 hour Advertising / Marketing Strategy Assessment to discuss your needs, to set an appointment!